Purpose of ABLE

The purpose of the Foundation is to foster and support the activities and purposes of organizations serving people with development disabilities by the following:

  1. To support individuals with developmental disabilities in Beaufort County
  2. To help fund both individual and agencies needs that have no other funding.
  3. To raise funds to meet the needs through contributions, special projects, and grant writing.
  4. To make the public aware of these special citizens and the needs they have and the contributions they make to our community by publicizing these.
  5. To receive fund for endowment purposes and to transfer these funds to the appropriate investment agency as designated by the Foundation Board.
  6. To endeavor to see that all funds received are managed so that maximum benefit will be derived from the donor’s generosity.

Supporting individuals with disabilities in Beaufort County

to help them achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement

ABLE is the only non-profit foundation that provides funding and advocacy specifically for individuals with intellectual and related disabilities in Beaufort County. Through ABLE’s advocacy, families are better informed of the services that are provided in Beaufort County. ABLE’s active involvement provides opportunities to individuals who attend Camp Treasure Chest (a summer program for young individuals from ages 6 to 21) by providing them with: living skills, conflict resolution, problem processing skills, improved communications and in an environment where they are safe. These skills will allow them to live more productively in the Beaufort community by finding jobs and paying taxes and being contributing citizens of Beaufort County.

100 Clearwater Way

Beaufort, SC  29906


Vision Statement
ABLE’s vision is that children and adults with these disabilities will become self-sufficient and independent thus minimizing the lifetime dependency upon their immediate and extended families and the care givers in Beaufort County. ABLE has made significant progress in providing an improved quality of life for many and thus bringing joy and mental relief to their families and care-givers.

ABLE - The Disabilities Foundation of Beaufort

The ABLE Foundation

Disabilities Foundation of Beaufort County